MDM: The Secure Solution for your Mobile Devices

As devices in the workplace continue to become essentials rather than just luxuries, managing and protecting your businesses networks and systems is getting more and more difficult. How do you prevent potential security breaches and ensure that all your staff have access to the right things? Here’s where Mobile Device Management comes in.

Powered by Airwatch and Cloud-based technology, Mobile  Device Management, or MDM, is a service designed to help business owners and managers monitor and control device access to their networks, Wi-Fi, online systems, email and files. With MDM, any business can easily and efficiently manage their employees’ work devices, both in the office and on the go.


Easily Accessible

Firstly, MDM can be accessed from almost anywhere at almost any time. As previously mentioned, MDM uses cloud-based technology; meaning that, because all the data is saved onto a hosted or shared server, you only need an internet connection to use it. This cloud technology allows the user to manage their devices from their computer, their mobile or their tablet; as MDM can be accessed via any browser or the Airwatch app. This makes MDM an extremely versatile service, which works for any user regardless of what environment they might be working from.


Quickly Integrated and Easily Understood

Secondly, MDM does not require any installation and doesn’t need any changes made to fit it into your current virtual set-up. As it’s an application, MDM only needs accounts made and devices synced to start working; meaning there’s no disrupting your work systems and no wasting time and money trying to get it started. MDM integrates seamlessly into any set-up; including BYOD and devices provided by the company. The service dashboard is easy to access and easy to use; displaying all the information and updates you need on all your connected devices. It’s intuitive design and easily navigated structure makes the MDM dashboard a dream to use, whether you’re viewing it through the browser or the app.


Control Access and Share Data

Thirdly, MDM allows users to fully manage and control the access points of every device connected. This means that you decide who gets how much access of what; with options to limit and extend access to Wi-Fi, email accounts, VPN (Virtual Private Networks), company content and more. you control which employees can access what levels of your online business, ensuring that your staff know what’s relevant to them. With MDM, you can also share and store files; providing the knowledge your team needs, directly to their device.


Protect Your Devices

Fourthly, and perhaps most importantly of all, having MDM means being able to protect your devices and your networks. With remote access to all your connected devices, you’ll be able to take steps to protect your company from harmful access and potential damage. Through the MDM dashboard you can set up passcodes for your networks and Wi-Fi, and then share those codes with the members of staff you trust. You’ll be able to monitor which devices are connected to what, so you’ll be notified if a device gains unauthorised access to your email accounts or files. If your systems are breached, you’ll then be able to bar access to them almost immediately through your dashboard. Should the worse come to pass, and your device is stolen, you can then lock and wipe that device within seconds; protecting important data and preventing further damage. With MDM’s GPS system, you’ll also be able to accurately locate and track your devices; making reclaiming stolen assets easier.


Predictable Pricing and Scalable Solutions

Finally, what makes MDM even more attractive to the savvy business owner is how flexible and supportive it is. As the service requires no installation and no extra tech, there are no additional costs; meaning that you’ll have a predicted and consistent bill every month, with each device costing exactly one price. It’s incredibly easy If you to add more devices; as MDM is capable of managing over 100,000 devices! Above all though, MDM is a scalable and reliable business solution, designed to grow with your company.


So those are the five ways MDM is amazing, for more information on MDM talk to one of our customer service team.