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Mobile Device Management is a flexible and cost-efficient solution, designed to help businesses monitor and control access to their networks, emails, and files. With MDM, business can easily manage their employees’ work devices, both in the office and on the go.

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What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM is a software that’s easily installed and works on a variety of mobile operating systems. MDM sets up a tracking network that monitors the status of connected devices. All data is collected and stored within an accessible online dashboard via the cloud, meaning that it only needs an internet connection to be accessed. The technology required is already built into most mobiles, meaning that no initial investments are needed.

Recover Stolen Devices

Devices can be lost, stolen, or used to damage company networks. Having MDM means having a disaster recovery plan in place. MDM offers peace of mind for business owners; allowing them to lock down and wipe stolen or lost devices. Stolen or lost devices can also be located via it’s GPS system, allowing for easy recovery.

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Easy to Install and Use

MDM is easy to install and easy to use. Installing causes no disruption and has no additional costs. The dashboard is easily accessible and extremely user-friendly; with a clean and simple interface.

Protect Your Business

Access to sensitive information or networks can be restricted, or removed entirely, allowing business to control access to their data and protect themselves from malicious parties. Having good network security is now paramount for any online business. Having MDM provides businesses with the tools necessary to protect important assets.

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A Flexible and Affordable Solution

MDM is a solution that’s built to grow with your business. It’s capable of managing over 100,000 devices, and is easily adapted to scale. There are no initial installation costs required. Businesses are billed monthly per device, meaning no nasty surprises. Costs remain consistent and expenditure is predictable.

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Key Features

Monitor & Collect Data

Our MDM solution has three major features; it monitors devices, it collects data, and it issues commands.

Secure Control Panel

Managers are given a secure portal to log in to add devices and change necessary settings.

Track Devices

Devices added can be tracked, monitored, and operated via our accessible online dashboard.

Restrict or Grant Access

Access to networks, servers, and files can be restricted or allowed via the dashboard. Access to devices is easy, for a secure and immediate device management experience.

Personalise Each Device

Settings for each device can be personalised to collect whatever data is needed, and track whatever aspects are important.

Protect Company Assets

Protect your company assets with instant lock-down and wipe commands. Automatically receive important notifications to your dashboard or mobile.

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