Redsquid's Call and Voice Recording Solution

Our recording solutions help provide the security and assurance your company needs to conduct its business with confidence. They’re flexible and designed to work in whatever way that your business needs them to. The solution can be used in any number of ways; whether it’s monitoring daily performance or storing customer evidence.

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Our Call and Voice Recording Solution In a Nutshell

Redsquid’s call recording solutions help businesses to more effectively manage their communications. Keeping track of important information on a call can be inconvenient at best, and deal-breaking at worst.

Most businesses may resort to note-taking or email correspondence to save essential details. Businesses who have a call recording system built into their handsets, may have to extract audio-files to archive to their PC.

Redsquid’s call recording aims to eliminate these inconveniences, by providing a reliable and easy way to record and store your phone conversations.

Protect Your Company

With your calls recorded into a single database, any evidence you need to defend your company from legal battles is right where you need it. As our online portal is easy to navigate, finding the right evidence to verify anything takes no time at all.

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Reduce Your Billing Costs

Highlight expensive numbers, long calling times and unnecessary calls. Use this data to cut down on phone bills and encourage a more economic calling culture.

A Flexible and Scalable Solution

Our recording solutions are adaptable and scalable. They’re designed to work with almost any modern phone system. Adding new handsets is easy, as our recording solutions are capable of holding up to 1000 handsets and mobiles.

Improve your communications with our automatic recording software, cloud storage, and accessible archive portal.

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Understand Your Customer's Needs

Better understand your customer’s needs by listening to calls. Gain access to valuable data and analyse the best approach to your customers.

Keep Sensitive Information Secure

Keeping sensitive information safe is no problem with Redsquid’s recording solutions; our online database is protected by security that ensures only the right people can access it.

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Remain In Control

Track your employees’ call history and progress with our online recording portal. Easily collect and access reports tracking employee performance. Collect audio samples, receive reports of employee progress and send tips for improvement.

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