Redsquid's Business Mobility

We’ve specialised in providing affordable and reliable business mobile solutions for over ten years. Our expertise means that businesses get quality service at an affordable rate, with plenty of support. Our relationship with Vodafone and other UK networks, means that we have the knowledge and leverage to provide our customers with a great mobile service.

Why Choose Redsquid?

Redsquid has over ten years of telecoms experience, so we know what we’re talking about. Our team can understand your business’ needs, and provide you with a business mobile service that works for your company.

The Total Communications Treatment

As a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, we have unique access to tons of telecoms knowledge and exclusive business mobile deals. Vodafone have recognised Redsquid as a leading force in providing excellent mobile business solutions.

Our tried and trusted relationship with Vodafone means that we have a direct line, so we’ll ensure that your company is getting the service that it deserves.

Enhance Your Business

Access to a stellar mobile device and service, means more ways to run your business and reach your customers. For example, with a VoIP communications package, your mobiles can receive calls from your landline handsets.

Our mobile services can elevate your device into something extraordinary. Capable of completely streamlining the way you run your business.

Dedicated Support

With Redsquid, you’re assigned an account manager dedicated to ensuring that you have a good experience working with us. Your account manager will help you save money on your mobiles; by sending monthly tariffs, analysing your spending, and advising your business on how to save on data, minutes and texts.

Our account managers can help manage your mobile spending by preventing expensive data use and managing tariffs.

International Benefits

When your employees conduct business abroad, you can benefit from Vodafone’s mobile roaming schemes, and avoid otherwise expensive tariffs.

Enjoy plenty of technical support from our experienced unified support team. Our phone lines and web chat function are ready to receive your queries and provide any help you need.

24/7 Web Portal

Our online portal is easy to use and accessible to customers 24/7; view your contract information, latest billings and requests, made available to you when you need them.

Interested in our Business Mobility Solutions?

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