Redsquid's Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your IT systems and company files matter to your business, they might even be the backbone of your organisation. Protecting these important assets and planning for potential IT disasters, could save your business a significant amount of valuable time and money.

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Peace of Mind

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Service is a solution designed to help give businesses the peace of mind that they deserve.

The experts within our in-house IT department, are ready and willing to help secure your business against any potential weaknesses your systems may suffer from.

From hardware repairs, to data backups, we can provide the sustainability your business needs to run.

Safeguard Your Data

Our file backup services will secure any of the company data and files essential to the health of your business. Once your data is backed up, we’ll continue to provide you with file support by managing and monitoring the safety of your files.

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Protect Your Business

Ensuring the security of your company whilst online is vital to your business continuity plan. Preventing the infection of viruses and malware, and stopping online hackers in their tracks, is crucial practice for any sustainable business. Our professional security services will fortify your network defenses and protect your business from potential online threats.

A Scalable and Affordable Solution

Just like our IT services, our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are scalable and designed to grow to grow alongside your business. There are no upfront investments required, with costs remaining predictable and affordable.

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Key Features

Hardware & Software Repairs

Receive quick and efficient hardware and software repairs, from our team of reliable industry experts.

Speedy Service

Cut out unnecessary waiting times, with our speedy and easy remote access service.

Secure Company Data

Ensure the safety of your essential company documents and data, with our reliable backup services.

Specialist Support

Enjoy the continued support of our IT specialists; who can monitor and safeguard your backed up files.

Protect Your Network

Protect your networks and systems with the help of our team of online security experts.

Interested in our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution?

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