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Multi-Protocol Label Switching is a network connecting solution. MPLS helps businesses to consolidate their offices and assets into one simplified system. MPLS helps reduce the costs involved with maintaining a secure working network.

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What is MPLS?

MPLS is a managed wired network, capable of affordably connecting separate working locations easily and securely.

If your company operates from multiple locations, then maintaining a reliable connection between offices could require a significant amount of money, and inconvenience. However, keeping your employees connected doesn’t have to cost the world.

MPLS is a network system that allows businesses to interconnect their Head office servers with any of their other existing offices, to create a unified localised network. MPLS enables businesses to quickly transfer data between working locations. As well as consolidate their voice, video and data into one seamless private network.

Unify Your Employee Communications

Having MPLS means saving money on maintaining expensive computing and networking equipment. As MPLS allows offices to connect with each other’s networks, businesses would only need to house their servers in one location. A company’s head office becomes the heart of the organisation. Capable of supporting their other office’s network connections.

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Save on Equipment and Space

With MPLS, singular offices no longer require their own servers, or any connections to a third-party hosted server, just a router to connect to the head office. This means less expensive computing equipment and maintenance needed.

A MPLS system means your business’s smaller locations could regain or save on space originally taken up by in house equipment. This space can now be used to house more employees, more useful equipment or even entirely new sections of the office.

One Location For Your Entire Network

A MPLS system simplifies your businesses’ connected network into something easily manageable and effective. Having one location to host your entire network, means having less equipment scattered across locations and a more unified communications experience.

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A Managed and Maintained Solution

We look after our MPLS customers. Once your networks are in place, we’ll ensure that they’re managed and maintained for you. Your business can rest assured that its company networks are being professionally looked after.

Protect Your Company Data

Having a MPLS system in place, also makes backing up files and data much easier. With all your locations having access to a server, data, and files can be saved multiple times. Ensuring that should anything happen to one site, disaster won’t affect their essential documents.

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Connect Your Infrastructure

With MPLS, online solutions like VoIP are capable of running over your unified network. This means that your VoIP system can be housed at your company’s head office. Yet still be connected to every single one of your work locations. Not only does this create a unified voice network, but it also saves you additional space, maintenance, and money.

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