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Office 365 provides a comprehensive and unified software experience, designed to improve employee productivity, and simplify your workload. With a wide variety of packages available, finding what works for your business and your budget is easy. Remove the boundaries that restrict your working environment, and find new exciting ways for you to run your business.

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Open New Opportunities

Our Office packages provide software to keep you and your workforce organised and capable.

These packages are built to work alongside your current systems;  offering reliable and recognisable productivity software, in a unique and flexible way. Owning an Office 365 subscription, means having more choice to work how you want.

Office 365 allows businesses to unify their employee’s productivity software under one single, secure account. It’s a solution that simplifies the user’s experience, whilst opening up new ways for businesses to operate.

Work From Anywhere

Office 365 gives companies the tools they need to efficiently communicate their product message, and develop their business relationships with complete freedom.

With Office 365, your employees can now work from anywhere. Sick days and business disruptions become a thing of the past. All your 365 software can be accessed from almost anywhere; give your employees the freedom to work from home and or maximize all those hours spent commuting.

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Stay Updated and Productive

Harness regularly updated versions of classic Microsoft software such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Create a wide variety of easily edited, easily accessible documents.

1 License For 5 Devices

With one copy of Office 365, employees are entitled to install and use software on up to five different devices including PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobiles.

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Liberate Your Business

Whether at your desk or on the go, with Microsoft OneDrive cloud-storage the possibilities for productivity are seemingly endless. Not having to rely on hard drives or USBs for resources liberates your out-of-office employees.

Protect And Access Your Documents From Anywhere

Gain access to OneDrive; a cloud storage system designed to help you access your files outside of your office. Our Office 365 packages come with 1 terabyte of free storage for every account. Meaning that employees can preserve space on their hard drives, and access their files from multiple devices.

Saving your documents and files to OneDrive, means that that they’re backed-up via the cloud. With OneDrive backup and Microsoft’s regularly updated security system, important company documents are kept safe and secure.

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Collaborate and Meet Easily

Experience the massive meeting potential of Skype for Business. Hold entire conversations with business partners or potential clients, without all the fuss and expense of travel.

HD video puts you, and up to 250 people, all at the same table. It’s a smart way to share information from multiple locations to keep you on target, on schedule, and on budget.

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