Redsquid's M2M Solutions

Redsquid can transform your ordinary machines into intelligent data collecting and communicating devices. Anything, from AC units to vending machines, can become capable of collecting, storing and sending useful data to your business. With the right data, the possibilities of significantly improving your company efficiency, continuity, and profitability are increased tenfold.

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What is M2M?

Redsquid’s machine to machine service is designed to improve the way that businesses build their networks. With an M2M system, small businesses now have affordable access to the exciting future of the internet of things.

Create Intelligent Networks

A Machine to Machine system could provide your business with many different benefits.

M2M means your machines communicate with each other. This creates an intelligent mobile network for your business to profit from. Create intuitive communication systems, designed to change the way your company operates for the better.

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Increase Efficiency Through Automation

M2M cuts out a lot of tedious and repetitive tasks surrounding data collection, and operations maintenance. Your machines will be capable of collecting and sending data. Tasks involving routine checks and data collection are automatically carried out; this means no more endless trips to and from multiple sites to complete repetitive, yet important, checks.

Forecast and Budget

Thinking and planning ahead becomes far easier with a machine to machine system in place. Being able to receive and apply field data means that your company are able to anticipate what the right decisions are, way in advance. Whether these affect maintenance, restocking, or repairs your business has the data it needs to make the right decisions. This could potentially save precious time and money, all whilst avoiding unnecessary risks.

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Streamline Admin Operations

M2M systems gives your business more efficient ways of tackling necessary admin work. Your business will also be better able to comply to any necessary regulations, as you’ll have easy access to the data needed. Therefore helping you avoid paying costly fines or penalties.

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