Redsquid’s Summer Barbecue Bash

Last week, Redsquid hit the town for our big summer barbecue blowout.

The entire team visited the luxurious Rooftop Gardens in Kensington, London, on Friday (27th), for our annual summer celebration. The gang were greeted by tall glasses of champagne and glorious views of London’s magnificent skyline, all whilst bathing in the soft warmth of the evening sun.

The Gardens themselves were bursting with life, having enjoyed several weeks of spring sunshine, and offered a stunning variety of colourful flora and fauna. There were an array of various seating areas; some in plain sight, others hidden away, and Garden ponds on which flamingos and ducks had made their nests, with certain members of Redsquid completely enamored by their babies.

The barbecue itself was a roaring success; with several delicious courses making some Redsquid employees very, very happy. The food was exquisite, the atmosphere buzzing (thanks to some wonderful performances by the garden’s band) and the wine plentiful.

We danced until the early hours of Saturday morning, and woke up the next morning feeling decidedly worse-for-wear.

So all-in-all, the barbecue proved a fantastic evening, mostly due to the wonderful venue, with the Redsquid team feeling in well-rested and ready for more great things.