Redsquid Welcomes One YMCA for Work Experience

Following on from the many successful workshops and events we’ve already organised for One YMCA, Redsquid has introduced a brand-new work experience program.

Over two days we gave a small group of young people the opportunity to learn more about what we do as a company, and to discover the many, many career paths available to them. This project marked the very first time Redsquid has hosted a work experience event, which made this a very exciting challenge for everyone involved.

One YMCA is a charity dedicated to helping young people in the Hertfordshire area get the support they need to overcome hardship and achieve their goals. One YMCA has done some fantastic work over the years by providing safe accommodation in all three of their registered hostels, running activities and classes, and much, much more. To help with their efforts, we worked closely with dedicated youth workers on a plan for a work experience event designed to benefit each and every one of the young people involved.


Marcus walks two of the guys through making a Mobile App

Our aim was to provide some insight into what a modern working environment is like, and to help increase their self-confidence by providing knowledge and understanding of what it takes to work for a company like Redsquid. By passing on some valuable communications skills, we hope to offer a chance for them to discover more about their own abilities and interests, and get them involved in a number of practical activities.

Prior to the event, the young people involved showed a keen interest by sending in their CVs and cover letters for specific job roles. When they arrived on the day, things started off with a group interview and questions about their skills, knowledge, and future goals, before being separated into Redsquid’s various departments for mentorship.

Throughout the day, our mentors guided these young people through each of the responsibilities and challenges their roles entailed, and helped them to learn some essential skills along the way. From cold-calling and roleplay with the telesales team, to using a CRM system and responding to a live webchat with Customer Services, to learning how to build a mobile app in Marketing, our applicants were able to experience what working at Redsquid is like.


Having fun flipping pancakes

As one of the days fell on Pancake Day they were able to celebrate with us by flipping some crepes and passing them round for everyone in the office, showing that a positive company culture is an important part of work, and giving them the opportunity to have some fun.

To complete the day, they each was given goodie bags containing items designed to help with mindfulness and achieving focus, as well as a personalised certificate to show that they had successfully completed Redsquid’s work experience program. Being able to provide some valuable mentorship to these young people was a fantastic experience for everyone at Redsquid, and has hopefully helped our visitors to become more confident in their future careers. We look forward to not only hosting more work experience days, but potentially welcoming some of last week’s young people as apprentices in the future, as a number of them have already expressed an interest in joining us.


More pancake action

For now, we’re sure to be planning more projects for One YMCA in the future, and continue to support Sohin in his bid to raise money through his sponsored trek across Antarctica next month (March 3rd). Feel free to read more about Redsquid’s previous work with One YMCA, to donate to Sohin’s Just Giving page, and give to One YMCA.