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Top 10 Mobile Productivity Apps

App stores are absolutely crammed with products these days; a quick browse over the home screen could turn into an hour long search for only one service. You haven’t got the time to waste sifting through pages and pages of spam, so I’ve taken it upon myself to venture into the app haystack to find that one shining needle.

Speaking of saving time, this list will cover our ten favourite productivity apps currently available for mobiles. Whatever part of your workload that’s in need of organising; whether it’s a project or your company meetings, these apps are more than capable of knocking things into shape.

microsoft-word-2013-iconMicrosoft Word (Available on Ios, Android and Windows OS)

Microsoft Word remains one of the most downloaded apps from almost all mobile OS stores. This is because it happens to be the best of its kind; there’s certainly plenty of competition, but even with all its online capabilities, Google Docs still can’t hold a candle to Microsoft Word. All of Word’s features translate beautifully into their mobile counterparts, making it possible to whip up professional looking documents without the need for a PC.

Download it on Android, iOS and Windows


outlook-logo-e1385635550367Microsoft Outlook (Available on Ios, Android and Windows OS)

Yet another Microsoft app that’s currently dominating every mobile OS. Outlook is the reigning champion of all email apps; those who use it swear by it, and those who don’t are missing out. Its clear and crisp layout, seamlessly synchronised calendar and intuitively organised inbox impress to no end, making Outlook the most intelligent email app by far. If you also own any Microsoft’s office apps, these can be integrated into Outlook so that they’re easily attachable and sharable.

Download it on Android, iOS and Windows


asana-icon-2Asana (Available on Ios, and Android )

Our head of marketing introduced me to Asana when I first started here at Redsquid, and I cannot thank him enough. Asana is a task management app that’s free to download and use, with the option to upgrade to a premium service. The dashboard itself has a clean and attractive design, encouraging you to add any outstanding tasks, give them deadlines and add any necessary details. Asana’s social features are similarly excellent, with the option to collect individual users into teams, who can then share and assign tasks accordingly.

Download it on Android and iOS


wordpress-logo-notext-rgb-300x300WordPress (Available on Ios, Android and Windows OS)

With WordPress powered websites on the rise, the luxury of being able to access them on the go is now available for free with the WordPress mobile app. With an online connection and the app, it’s now possible to edit and update your website from almost anywhere. The app itself is clean and easy to use; with the dashboard and publishing software working perfectly on all mobile systems.

Download it on Android, iOS and Windows


pocket-app-icon-smallPocket (Available on Ios and Android)

Distractions are the bane of any worker’s life, and what could be more tempting then that intriguing article you just saw. However, that spreadsheet needs to be in by the end of today, but you really don’t want to miss out on that article; here’s where Pocket comes in. Pocket is a free app designed with these situations in mind; Pocket makes it possible to save those interesting articles, videos and images you stumble across for later. It synchronises perfectly with your chosen browser, and the app’s reader function has a beautifully clear display.

Download it on Android and iOS 


icon-iosSwiftKey (Available on Ios and Android OS, Windows TBC)

Predictive text can be blessing or a curse, depending on the system you’re using. If your predictive text is driving you mad, then the best solution is Swiftkey. Swiftkey is a smart keyboard mobile app designed to learn your typing mannerisms and imitate them, thus cutting down your typing time exponentially. The app can accurately predict your text, as it analyses the way you use punctuation and commonly used phrases.

Download it on Android and iOS 


original-300x300Remember The Milk (Available on Ios and Android OS)

There are a thousand and one free to-do list applications out there, but Remember The Milk is easily the best of the lot. The interface is clearly inspired by Google’s minimalist design; with its clean and clear layout that tells you everything you need to know. You create the reminders, the shopping lists, the events, and with the option to receive text, email, phone and even twitter notifications, you’ll never forget the milk again.

Download it on Android and iOS


slack-300x300Slack (Available on Ios and Android OS. Windows in beta)

Communication between work colleges is crucial practice for good businesses, particularly when it comes to entire departments. Facebook isn’t exactly the best method, especially when it comes to work related matters, so Slack’s here to fill the void. Slack is a free communication app designed to help teams work together by organising projects, sending messages, assigning duties, creating meetings and sharing files.

Download it on AndroidiOS and Windows (beta)


0x0ss-85-300x300Skype For Business (Available on Ios, Android and Windows OS)

Originally called Lync, Skype For Business is the best version of HD conferencing software available; as it allows for a ridiculous number of participants per call. As Skype is now owned by Microsoft, the software allows for synchronisation with all Office 365 applications, including Outlook; which automatically schedules in Skype meetings. The mobile app is perfectly suited for meetings on the go, with functions available for IM chat and screen sharing.

Download it on Android, iOS and Windows


2000px-linkedin_icon-svg-300x300Linkedin (Available on Ios, Android and Windows OS)

Linkedin is the social media channel for businesses. It’s the best possible way to build up a good list of contacts without having to resort to expensive lead-generation and exhaustive phone calls. Having your own Linkedin profile opens up a whole new world of networking possibilities; with tons of possible connections just a click away. The mobile app is completely free to download and use, with the option to upgrade to a premium version.

Download it on Android, iOS and Windows