How One Net Express Can Help Your Small Business Grow

If you’re running a small business that’s looking to expand into something big, then our One Net Express solution is the perfect communications tool to get you started.

One Net Express is the ultimate mobile companion; able to help transform your small business into a fast moving and incredibly capable organisation. With One Net Express, your mobile becomes an exciting gateway to new customers and long-lasting business relationships.

Here’s what One Net Express can do for your small business;

Free Your Business from Restrictive Landlines

If you’re running a trade or a business from home, then One Net Express gives you the tools you need to free yourself from traditional landlines. When you sign up for our One Net Express solution, you’ll be given your own comprehensive landline number that works over your mobile. This means that your business can benefit from having a landline number, without the expense of a landline handset, or the need of an office space. With One Net Express, your mobile becomes your single point of call, with its own professional and flexible business number.


Build a Greater Local Presence

With One Net Express, your small business becomes local to all your customers, wherever they are. One Net Express gives your mobile the ability to be assigned multiple ‘virtual’ numbers, that all ring directly to you. This doesn’t require any additional costs traditionally associated with buying up numbers, and allows your business to create numerous local identities, without having to invest in any physical office space.

You’ll also be able to customise your solution settings to display different numbers to different callers, depending on their location. Having a greater geographical presence, means having greater access to more potential customers; which is a huge advantage for any small business.

Your website marketing will also benefit from One Net Express, as you’ll be able to feature your different numbers and any associated addresses. This further establishes the existence of wider local presence, and the appearance of a larger company.


A Small Business, With a Big Appearance

Make your small business standout, with One Net Express’s unique virtual assistant. There’s no need for expensive landline handsets here, only your mobile and a One Net Express package.

Have your customers’ calls answered quickly, by the right people, with a customisable auto-attendant capable of directing calls. This service can even be used to create the appearance of a company with multiple employees, with all options diverting to the same device. You’ll also be able to easily transfer calls between your One Net Express employees.

Provide your callers with hold music from our available options, or implement your own. This means that your business appears professional, regardless of its size or location.


Run Your Business from Anywhere

Having One Net Express means being able to effectively run your business, wherever you are. Our One Net Express solution comes with a reliable hunt group feature, which means that incoming customer calls are never missed.

Calls to your assigned numbers can be set to ring through to all your employees; either one by one, or all at once. This means that if your otherwise engaged, someone else can be on-hand to take your calls. These settings can be switched on by default, or set to operate at specific times, meaning that your calls can easily be forwarded, whenever you’re unable to take them.


Always Get Back to Your Customers

With a One Net Express solution, managing your voicemail becomes much easier. One Net Express comes with a single voicemail service, that collects all your mail from every assigned number, into a single storage point.

One Net Express gives your business its very own cloud storage for voicemail, accessible from an online dashboard. This makes finding voicemail very easy for your employees, as all they’ll need is an online device. Saving them time and allowing them to be more productive.


A Scalable and Affordable Solution

When you sign up for our One Net Express solution, we do everything we can to make your experience as easy for you as possible. You’ll receive one single monthly bill, for all your assigned numbers. Saving you valuable time and spreading your costs into a manageable amount.

We’ll even help you save money, by providing a unique tariff review that breaks down your bill and gives advice on where you could effectively cut down costs.

Our One Net Express solution is designed to grow with you, so adding new mobiles and numbers is easy, affordable and predictable. Allowing your business to expand at a manageable pace.


Fully Supported

Your business can communicate with confidence, as our One Net Express solution comes with full support from us. When you sign up with Redsquid, your business will be given its own dedicated account manager, who’ll be there to help provide support every step of the way. Whether online, or on the phone, our experienced team of specialists are on-hand for you, whenever you need them.

Implementing a One Net Express solution could help your small business expand dramatically, and benefit from your growth with our support. To find out more about One Net Express, contact one of our team on the webchat below, or ring us on 0208 166 4540

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