Case Study: Quotax

A Flexible, Cost-Effective Solution Gives Quotax Room to Grow


Quotax want a reliable and flexible solution; capable of keeping them connected to their customers and employees, and adapting to their growing needs and ambitions.

We were able to fulfill these needs, whilst also providing dedicated support, and saving Quotax money at the same time.

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Hosted Horizon connects all of Quotax’s departments from any location, and saves them money on calling charges.

By running their VoIP system over a Ethernet line, Quotax no longer have to worry about their phone-lines going down.

Adding new employees and adapting their solution to meet their needs is now much easier for Quotax, enabling them to continue growing with freedom.
With Akixi Presence & Akixi 2000, Quotax can monitor their inbound calls, and better respond to busy calling periods.

Quotax can now support remote workers with their Horizon VoIP solution, and monitor them with Akixi Presence and Akixi 2000.

The support that Quotax receives and the savings they gain, make partnering with Redsquid extremely beneficial for them.

Download the Full Quotax Case Study

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