Euro Traveller and World Traveller: The international Business Essential

Having international ties is a seriously exciting prospect for any small business; it’s a clear sign that your company is moving up in the world. It is possible to form and build these relationships via email, Skype and calls, but to really establish a strong connection with your foreign business partners, meeting them face-to-face is the way to go.

So you’re planning your trip to France, or the US, and you want to make sure that the whole event goes smoothly. Confirm a date with the company representative, book your flights and hotel: these are the kind of things you’ll be thinking of doing in the months ahead.

One thing you may or may not have considered, is how you’re going to manage your mobile service abroad. It’s certainly not the first thing you think of when travelling, but considering how important mobiles have become, it is certainly something you should be planning for.


Vodafone Euro Traveller and World Traveller

Come this June, roaming charges in Europe will be entirely scrapped, with reductions already having come into effect since April 2016.

Since the announcement last year, Vodafone have been making some dynamic changes to their EU roaming tariffs. Every one of our Vodafone mobile tariffs now come with Euro Traveller, completely free of charge.

Euro Traveller is Vodafone’s premier EU roaming service: it gives you access to all your usual minutes and texts to use abroad, as well as your own separate EU data allowance. If you do use your EU data allowance, you’ll be instantly informed and given the option to purchase affordable bolt-ons. All these charges will be outlined in your monthly tariff, alongside your usual payments.

For those venturing beyond Europe, Vodafone’s World Traveller services also provide affordable ways to use your mobile abroad. For just £5 a day, you’ll have access to all your usual texts, minutes, and data. Which means no nasty surprises, only a traceable and manageable charge alongside your monthly tariff.

Both the Euro Traveller and Global Traveller packages provide cross-zone calls and texts, meaning that you’ll be able to contact people at home and in your local zone. Worry-Free Roaming works with any current business mobile packages.

Picture two people; a Redsquid customer who has signed-up for World Traveller, and a non-Redsquid customer who hasn’t, who both travel to New York for a business trip.

How different will their mobile bills be at the end of the month?


Here’s how things might play out:

They arrive at the airport and they need to get to their meeting. They ring for a taxi or order one online.

On the way to the meeting, they realize that they’ve forgotten their pen-drive with their presentation on it. They access their Microsoft Office 365 account or email the office to send it over.

They need to find their hotel and check-in: they use Google Maps to find the hotel and check-in online.

Where to eat? They search nearby restaurants and book a table online.

What’s their schedule for tomorrow? They access their Outlook account and check their meeting times and places. They find and save best routes on Google Maps.

Checking up on the office: they call into their office, or Skype, and spend a couple of hours covering everything they need to know.


Bill at the end of the day for a Redsquid Customer with World Traveler:


Bill at the end of the day for a non-Redsquid customer without World Traveler:

£300 (for 2 hours of calls and 25MB)

Both these customers are using the same amount of minutes, texts and data; but one is paying just £5 per day, the other is paying up to £300 per day. For five days in New York, without World Traveller, you could rack-up a mobile bill of £2100, instead of just £35.

With Euro Traveller and World Traveller, there’s no stress, no giant bill and all charges are controlled by you.

To get World Traveller or to ask more about Euro Traveller, just speak with one of our customer care team. They’ll be able to have you signed-up with World Traveller in as quick as an hour*

* May take up to 24 hours to go through, so plan in advance