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Vodafone Total Communications Partner

Redsquid Communications have delivered an unbeatable service for over 10 years. Based in South East England, but active throughout the UK, Redsquid are Total Communications Partners in every sense of the word.

Redsquid specialises in giving customers a complete communications experience, including; Voice Over IP, business mobiles and broadband, managed IT solutions and Microsoft Office 365 packages.

As an independent communications provider, Redsquid can carefully cater to the unique needs of any-sized business, ensuring that solutions are built around them. Having been a trusted Vodafone partner since 2009, Redsquid have an impressive past and an even more exciting future.

An Experienced Team

Redsquid has over ten years of telecoms experience under its belt, so we know what we’re talking about. Our team can understand your business’ needs, and provide a service that works for you and your company.

The Total Package

As a Total Communications Partner, Vodafone have acknowledged us as a leading force in providing excellent mobile business solutions, along with our other various services.

Our relationship with Vodafone, means that we have the knowledge and leverage needed to provide our customers with only the best communications service. As a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, we have exclusive access to tons of telecoms knowledge and exclusive mobile deals.

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A Trusted Relationship

Our tried and trusted relationship with Vodafone means that we have a direct line on behalf of your business, and can ensure that your company is getting the service that it deserves.

Benefit From Our Support

Being a Vodafone Total Communications Partner means that we can pass on the many benefits that comes with our position. For example, with Vodafone’s many mobile roaming schemes; whenever you or any of your employees want to conduct business abroad, you’ll be able to avoid otherwise expensive tariffs. Vodafone also hold claim to having the largest 4G network in the UK and worldwide.

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OneNet Pioneers

Not only are Redsquid a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, but we’re also a OneNet Pioneer. This means that we can provide our OneNet customers with some of the best expertise, knowledge and support in the business.

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