Case Study: Travco

Travco Can Send their Employees Anywhere with Redsquid Mobiles


Being an international business operating across the globe, Travco needed a communications provider who could offer them fantastic roaming deals, and an incomparable level of support. Which is why Redsquid were just the provider that Travco were looking for.

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With Redsquid’s Business Plus Traveller Extra Tariff, Travco’s employees have access to a shared pool of roaming data, and an individual pool of international texts and minutes.

Having access to fantastic deals such as EuroTraveller, WorldTraveller, and many others, has enabled Travco to save money on their mobiles.

Redsquid’s EuroTraveller and WorldTraveller schemes enabled Travco to easily send their employees anywhere, without having to worry about bolt-ons and networks.

Travco received unparalleled levels of support and a firm relationship built on honesty and trust.

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