Case Study: Compagnie Fruitiere

Redsquid provide Compagnie Fruitiere UK with an integrated comms system,
connecting their separate sites and remote employees.


As a world-wide supplier of fresh produce, Compaignie Fruitiere UK needed a communications system capable of connecting their company from any location. Learn how Redsquid helped their workforce to become more flexible and capable, all whilst minimizing their costs.


Compagnie Fruitiereā€™s Redsquid
account manager ensured that they
received consistent communication
throughout their entire installation
process, and continued to support
them afterwards.

We provided Compagnie Fruitiere
with a VoIP solution that successfully
connected their remote sites and
employees across the country.

By signing up with an independent
solutions provider, Compagnie
Fruitiere did not have to waste time
trying to contact a larger network,
instead relying on Redsquid to make
that contact for them.

Redsquid ensured that Compagnie
Fruitiere were supported throughout
the entire installation process by a
dedicated team of professionals.

Compagnie Fruitiere now receive
a single bill for all their Redsquid
communication needs.

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