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Independent and Proud

First and foremost, Redsquid are an independent solutions provider, and proud of it! We’re dedicated to helping our customers get the best solution, whatever that may be.

We have extensive partnerships with a variety of different companies. So we can provide options to our customers and refuse to push them down a single solutions path.

Because Redsquid are independent, we always have your business’s needs at heart. We ensure that our partners put you first, every time.

Dedicated Support

As a Redsquid customer, you’ll have full access to our dedicated support teams. Our customer support team are at your beck and call, always ready and willing to answer your queries, whatever they may be.

Our unified communications and managed IT support teams are industry professionals. They have the expertise and knowledge to help our customers master our products and benefit from our services.

When you signup with Redsquid, we’ll assign you an account manager dedicated to helping your business work well with our solutions.

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Liberate Your Workers

With Redsquid, turning your staff into a mobile workforce is easy.  Our solutions help liberate your workers from constrictive set-ups, to more flexible working opportunities.

With solutions such as VoIP, your staff are free to receive calls whether they’re at their desk or on the go. Services such as Office 365 mean that you’re able to complete tasks with any device, in any location.

Redsquid provides an affordable gateway into the revolutionary world of cloud-computing and data-calling.

Who We Work With

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All Your Communications in One Place

As a leading unified communications provider, Redsquid values its customers time. This is why we endeavour to make your experience with us as easy as possible.

Redsquid’s solutions provide everything from landline, to broadband, to cloud services. This means that we’ve got you covered, whatever you need.

With us you’ll receive one bill for everything. No more complicated and time consuming service charges, just one bill for every service.

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Scalable Solutions

Not only can our solutions solve your current needs, but they’re able to change alongside your business as well. Our products and services are built to grow with your business. No matter the shift in demands, whether it be a change in staff or services, our solutions are up to the task.

We’re a Vodafone Total Communications Partner and OneNet Solutions Pioneer

Our relationship with one of the world’s leading communications providers makes us pretty special.

As a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, Redsquid has a direct line to Britain’s flagship network. This means that we have Vodafone representatives dedicated to supporting our customers.

We have access to all of Vodafone’s unique products and services, including VoIPmobile business contracts and data plans.  As well as over thirty years of communications expertise and the world’s largest 4G network.

Redsquid is also a Vodafone OneNet Pioneer: this means that Vodafone have identified us as a trusted and experienced provider of VoIP products and services.

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A Solution Tailored to your Business

At Redsquid, we design our solution to fit your business. Whatever obstacles you needs to overcome, we’re here to provide the best route.

Our sales team analyses your business to find the perfect solution for your staff and budget. Our solutions are flexible enough to work with most current systems, and accessible enough to understand and use.

Mainline solutions such as VoIP, MDM and Office 365 are designed to be easily installed and non-disruptive.

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